Batch & Event Framing for Process Analysis

    This class is normally given as an on-site course. Contact us for details.


    The purpose of this class is to demonstrate and practice the capabilities of the PI Server to categorize process data into batches and phases within batches. The class also presents the server side components and the client software available to create real-time process displays and reports that make use of the batch identifications generated and archived by the PI Server.

    In this class we prepare the student to configure the PI Server to generate batch data automatically. We also present the three software components that comprise the PI BatchView software:

    • Batch Trend add-in for PI ProcessBook
    • PI BatchView ActiveX Control
    • Microsoft Excel add-in for PI DataLink.

    The class is 2 days long. Class starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Lunch breaks are at 12 p.m. each day and last 60 minutes.


    This class is for PI System managers or power users who want to learn more about OSIsoft's implementation of batch tracking. It is also suitable for system integrators who work with OSIsoft customers to learn the various tools they can use to implement customer requests.



    • PI Batch Applications Training Manual


  • Class Outline

    You can expect the following topics to be covered:


    • PI System Architecture Overview

    The S88 Standard

    • S88 basics
    • S88 implementation into PI System Architecture

    PI Batch Architecture

    • Demonstration of Tag Configuration tools (PI System Management Tools (SMT))

    PI Module Database in a Batch Context

    • Using the PI Module Database Editor to create modules, aliases and properties
    • Using the PI Module Database Editor to query the PI Batch Database

    PI Batch Generator

    • Automatic detection of batch events and creation of entries in the PI Batch Database using the PI Batch Generator Interface

      • Configuration of PI Batches
      • Configuration of PI UnitBatches
      • Configuration of PI SubBatches
    • Discuss triggering tag strategies

    PI Batch Database Editor

    • Use the PI SMT plug-in to manually add/edit/delete items from the PI Batch Database.

    PI BatchView

    • Visualization of the PI Batch Database Architecture
    • Using PI BatchView in PI ProcessBook
    • Using PI BatchView in PI DataLink

    Advanced Topics

    • PI Batch Data Storage
    • PI Batch Database Security
    • Other methods to access the PI Batch Database
      • Event File Interface (EVT)
      • PI OLEDB Provider



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