• OSIsoft Class Development Method

    The Learning Department at OSIsoft maintains a modern Instructional Systems Design (ISD) approach to create and maintain learning content.  Whether it is classroom activities, blended or online content, or self-study materials like videos, everything is created using proven design, development, and delivery  techniques.


    The Learning Group uses an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) standard that is accepted throughout the industry. Using Rapid Instructional Design methods, our course designers come up with content and activities that ensure the experience provides maximum value to the learner.  The courses are validated based on real-world tasks.  Moreover, a timely feedback loop is maintained in the learning group’s collaboration wiki so that instructors around the world can quickly send comments and share proposed revisions.

    Content design begins when the Learning Group detects an opportunity.  This might be when our product development roadmap outlines a new product or enhancement to the PI System or it may be based upon customer request.  Learning objectives are defined and the team meets to examine a design.  A design is agreed upon, based solely upon the question, “What’s the best solution to meet the learning objectives for our Customers?” 


    The first step is to create a list of tasks based on the learning objectives.  These are tasks that define what a competent user of the software needs to master. This task list becomes the framework for the development of content. This step is critical so that we spend time only on those topics that will give learners the most value for their time.  

    Once the task lists are completed and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we create the content using a modern Agile Development process (Scrum methodology).  Some of the common questions we answer with our content are: 

    • Why is it worth learning?
    • What will I be asked to do to in class to prove that I have learned it?
    • What are the common errors users make?
    • How can I tell when I have done it correctly?

    Content may take many forms in a single project.  For example, an online course may have classroom content that is supplemented by video.  Or it may be a “Show Me How” webinar.  Whatever the design calls for, our team of content developers can produce what is needed to make sure our Customers are successful in using the PI System.


    Once our content is created we make sure all of our training centers and instructors who deliver courses on-site are aware of the new materials.  All of our course content is made available on the technical support download center, and much of it is localized in the common languages used by our Customers around the world.  All of our video content is available whenever customers need it on our YouTube Learning Channel (and as downloads on this Learning web site).






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