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Classes and Scheduling

When does class start? How long is the class day? 

When does class end on the last day? What if I have to leave early? 

What do I need to bring to class? 

The class I want to register for is not on the schedule anymore. What happened? 

How do I know if I have been successfully registered in the class I want to attend? 

I sent in a Purchase Order (PO) for a course. Am I registered? 

How do OSIsoft classes qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? 

Can I download the class schedule? 

Software and Materials

Where can I download the books and files used in the classroom? 

Can we use OSIsoft Learning Materials in our own plant? 

Travel Issues

What type of Visa do I need to come to a class in the United States? 

What if I need an invitation letter for my Visa? 

When can I make travel arrangements? 

Accounting & Billing

What information do I use to create my Purchase Order/Check for my class? 

I need to do a wire transfer. What is the required transfer information? 

When will I be invoiced for my class? 

What is the cancellation and refund policy? 

I don't see the secure lock icon in my browser where I enter my credit card number. Do you use encryption or secure connections? 

If I don't have a purchase order yet, can I still register for a class? 

If I am paying for my class with a company check, when is the check due? 

I am an Enterprise customer. How do I use my training vouchers? 

If I am paying for my class with a credit card, when will my card be charged? 

I did the currency conversion and it looks like the same classes have different prices based upon their country. Why are the prices different for the same class? 

Training Cloud Environments

 What are the Training Cloud Environments?  

 How do I purchase a subscription?  

 What are the system requirements?  

What labs or courses are available?  

 Can I move my personal development and learning files from and to the Training Cloud Environments? 

 How long will my session last?  

I closed the window by mistake, what can I do?  

Small Private Online Courses

Where can I find more information about the Small Private Online Courses? 

YouTube Learning Channel

What is the YouTube Learning Channel? 

How can I get notified when new videos are released? 

How can I avoid blurry videos and watch in HD? 

How can I get close-captioning, language translation, or adjust video speed? 

What if my company blocks YouTube? 

Can I download the YouTube videos? 

Learning Policies

Record Keeping 

Record Collection 

Record Retention 

Record Access Control 

Instructor Compensation