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Solutions for Blocked YouTube Users

We realize that many customers will have globally blocked access to outside resources, including YouTube.  These are blocked for good reasons, most notably security concerns with process control or critical infrastructure assets.  In these situations it would not be appropriate to allow access to our learning resources under any hosting conditions.

For this reason we are making recommendations on how to realistically get valuable learning resources to your users while maintaining the proper boundaries. 

You can easily download any of the YouTube videos directly from this page on our site:

Download a document describing Why Allowing YouTube Channel Access is Superior to Downloading the Videos!

Corporate Domain Solutions

Please note that there are different versions and vendors of firewall hardware and software, and they are not configured nor do not act the same.  Please consult your specific application documentation for details on how to allow specific content. 

Allow a White List

OSIsoft provides a list of the GUID URLs assigned to the videos so they can be added as allowed URLs in the firewall.  Please click on the link to the right for the current white list.

Unblock a Certain Area

Unblock YouTube (or just our channel) only in certain subnet of the organization, for example in a designated training room. 

Add an Exception for Certain Users

As many access control lists are based upon a filtering solution that has a LDAP tie in for authentication, you can implement a modified filtering policy solution based upon login accounts of staff who request access.  We would only recommend this solution on the less secured corporate network and never on a process control or other secured or critical network.

Deploy a proxy

If you do not want your users to go directly to the OSIsoft YouTube Learning Channel you can set up a proxy that will only allow certain content, using the information above.  In this scenario, users would navigate to a web site in your own domain and the content that is displayed is tightly controlled.  For legal reasons, OSIsoft cannot set up a proxy for our customers.


Higher Security Solutions

The Tablet Solution

Tablet devices can be used to display the data, and can be connected to non-sensitive networks or used through a 3G or 4G cellular connection.   

Downloaded the Desired Videos

OSIsoft provides a page where individual videos can be downloaded to be viewed off line or posted to a training server.  Customers can make the determination which videos would be appropriate for their users.  A Caution: these downloaded videos will not have the transcriptions or translations.  In addition they will not be able to read or add the comments that are the quickest and most in-depth source for our discussions with customers on the topics presented.