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Solution Based Learning Paths

The learning paths below are designed to shorten your time to success and help you achieve your business goals quickly. Explore the most common use cases listed below and please send us your feedback.

New PI System Deployment

Whether this is your first time deploying a PI System or are expanding to a new site, learn how to:
  • Deploy your system succesfully
  • Shorten your time to value
  • Develop custom training plans
  • Improve stakeholders awareness

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Role Based Training

Find the right training for your role and shorten your time to value:
  • Continue achieving value over time
  • Maximize your technology investments
  • Expand your users skills
  • Achieve your business goals

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PI AF Implementation and Adoption

So you have reduced operating costs and added value with the PI System, but if you think that is sufficient reason not to move to PI AF, think again:
  • Add context to your operational data
  • Enable modern analytics
  • Build a modern data infrastructure
  • Solve the challenges of today's enterprises

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Advanced Use Cases

Take the next step in your digital transformation and implement the following advanced solutions:

  • Big Data systems
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Condition Based Maintenance and Process Modeling

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