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RtReports Administration

This class is normally given as an on-site course. Contact us for details.


The RtReports Administration class is offered to students who want to learn how to design and generate web-based regulatory compliant reports using the RtReports applications.  It is intended for PI System Managers and advanced PI System users. It allows students to design report templates and to become Power Users and trainers on report generation in their company.

In this class, we prepare the students to install and manage the RtReports server. The focus of this class is to teach students the best practices in report design and configuration.  The class also presents the graphical interface that allows plant personnel to generate, comment, verify and approve reports.

We present the two main software components that comprise RtReports:

  • RtReports Editor
  • RtReports Generator

The class will allow the students to create different types of reports such as:

  • PI Batch-Based reports
  • Time-Based reports

The class is 3 days long.  Class starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Lunch breaks are at 12 p.m. each day and last 60 minutes.  This class provides 20 classroom hours of instruction.


This class is for PI System Managers or advanced users who want to learn about RtReports. Also, system integrators who work with OSIsoft customers should take this class to learn how to generate reports on the web in a regulated environment. Sometimes members of a PI project team take this class to get an "executive overview" of the capabilities of RtReports software.



  • RtReports Training Manual  
  • RtReports User Guide  


Class Outline

These topics will be covered in each class.

Introduction to the PI System

RtReports Overview

  • RtReports Components
  • Why Use RtReports?
  • Architecture & Workflow
  • RtReportsContexts

PI Batch Database Architecture

  • Introduction
  • What is the PI Batch Database?
  • PIBatch
  • PIUnitBatch
  • PISubBatch
  • How PIBatch Maps to the S88 Standard
  • Examples of Batch and Event Framing
  • Directed Exercise – BatchView

PI Module Database

  • Modules
  • Heading Sets
  • Aliases
  • Properties
  • PI Module Database Structures Used in PI Batch
  • PI Module Database Tools
  • Directed Exercise – PI Module Database

Building Batch Reports

  • Batch-Based Templates
  • What is a Data Template?
  • What Is a Unit Class?
  • Directed Exercise – Unit Classes
  • The Batch Journal
  • The Batch Template Wizard
  • Exercise – Creating Batch Report Templates

Data Formatting

The Default Template

  • Formatting Elements
  • Heirarchies
  • Formatting
  • Exercise – Batch Report Format Template Editing

Using Iterations

  • Working with Iterator Expressions
  • Where is the Iterator Expression?
  • Multi-Level Iterators
  • Group Recap Questions
  • Exercise – Adding Iterators to the Format template

Journal Actions

  • Context
  • Action Parameters and Results
  • Exercise – Adding a Journal Action
  • Exercise – Add Compressed Data

Time-Based Reporting

  • Time-Based Templates
  • The Time Journal
  • Using Equipment in a Time Report
  • Directed Exercise – Equipment
  • Exercise – Time Report Templates

Condition-Based Reporting

  • Using Action States
  • Exercise – Using the State Machine
  • Using Criteria
  • Group Recap Questions
  • Exercise – Using Conditional Formatting

Finishing Touches

  • Toolboxes
  • Exercise – Using Toolboxes: Predefined Actions and Style Sheets
  • Defining Printing
  • Versioning

The RtReports Generator

  • Importing Existing Reports
  • Exercise – Import a Batch-Based Report
  • Exercise – Import a Time-Based Report
  • The RtReports Generator Interface
  • Generating Batch Reports
  • Exercise – Generating a Batch-Based Report
  • Exercise – Generating a Time-Based Report
  • Run Time Action Parameters
  • Implementing Parameters
  • Exercise – Run Time Parameters

The EVT Interface

  • Specific Point Generation
  • String Pool Tags
  • PI Batch PI Properties Collection
  • EVT Interface Event Tag Result Definition
  • PI Batch Property Result Definition

PI Data Services 

  • Introduction
  • Data Sources
  • DataSets
  • Directed Exercise – Datasets
  • Server Side Configuration Files


  • Introduction
  • RtReports Windows Groups
  • Template Security
  • Report Template Review Cycle
  • Configure an Approval Plan for a Generated Report
  • Group Recap Questions
  • Exercise – Group and User Security

Download the workbook for preview or self-study in the following languages :