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Visualizing PI System Data (Clients)


In our Visualizing PI System Data class, you will learn how to use components of the PI Visualization Suite to access and combine your process data with your enterprise data. Learn how to build dynamic, graphical, interactive web based dashboards with PI Vision. We will show you how to use PI ProcessBook, our tool for creating graphical displays featuring real-time PI System data, and PI DataLink, our add-in that allows user to access and deliver data to and from Microsoft Excel and create easy-to-read reports. Much of the class time is dedicated to hands-on activities.
The class is three days long. Class will start promptly at 8:30 a.m. (9 a.m. Europe, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand) and is scheduled to run until 4:30 p.m. We will break for lunch for one hour each day. When making travel arrangement for the class, please plan to remain on site to the completion of the final exercise. This should be no later than 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the class. This class provides 20 classroom hours of instruction.
No PI Server management, tag building, or VBA scripting is taught in this class.

Note: OSIsoft Learning Group is preparing documentation to obtain IACET accreditation to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Upon successful completion of IACET assessment, the course description will be updated with CEUs instead of classroom instruction hours.


This class is for beginning users of PI System data, and is often an individual’s first look at OSIsoft's products. PI System managers often take this class as well. Sometimes members of a PI System project team take this class to get an “executive overview” of the capabilities of the PI System. Also, system integrators who work with OSIsoft customers should take this class.
Students in the past have been engineers, production managers, process operators, instrument technicians, project team members, information system analysts and computer support personnel. This is also an excellent class to take if you are considering buying the PI System and want to eventually implement all of its features.


This class is taught in a Windows 7 / Microsoft Office 2013 environment, and is designed for students who have a good understanding of that environment. You will have to open and close files, locate files in different directories, and use menus and toolbars.
Students will spend almost a whole day using Microsoft Excel 2013, so knowing how to work in Microsoft Excel is a prerequisite for this class.
No specific knowledge of the PI System software is required.

Class Outline

The class begins with an introduction to the PI System and its components. The student will gain an understanding of the infrastructure as a whole, and how the various pieces will contribute to their overall value of the customer.
The course will then be devoted to a series of exercises where the student is challenged to solve real-world problems using the PI System's various client or visualization tools. We look at the best tools for the job at hand, including the advantages and appropriate usage of each of the PI System client tools. These sections make up the bulk of the course and are designed to give users a working knowledge and new skills to use toward problem solving.

  • Get To Know PI Data Through PI Vision
  • Explore Event Frames with PI Vision and PI DataLink
  • Build A Simple Production Report with PI DataLink
  • Create A PI ProcessBook Display To Monitor My Process
  • Analyze The Past Month’s Raw Material Usage with PI DataLink
  • Build A Set Of PI Vision Displays To Model My Plant

Final Challenge – Build A Set Of Tools To Monitor My Process

The course ends with a challenge to use all of the tools presented in class to build a complete data solution. The goal of this is two-fold: to reinforce in the student the new skills learned in the class and to allow more time for the student to ask questions and get clarification on concepts prior to returning to their job. If a student has access to their own PI System data, they will use this to build reports or displays. If the student does not have access to their own data, they will use an AF Example Kit with demo data for an industry of their choosing.

Download the workbook for preview or self-study in the following languages :