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Small Private Online Courses

Discover how easy it is to use PI System in our Small Private Online Courses.  This is a unique opportunity to learn how PI System works on your own schedule, with your own data.

Our courses are guided by the expertise of experienced PI System Instructors. While the lesson plans are defined ahead of each course, your experience is tailored to meet your specific needs. Each course is just as applicable for the novice as the seasoned learner. Each learner will work with the instructor to develop a learning plan that will challenge their skills, allow them to grow, and to use their time to create something meaningful in their work life. Please go to the Course Description page for a current list of available Small Private Online Courses. 

You will benefit from a hands-on approach, enabling you to learn the material effectively and quickly. Through the specific exercises provided in each course, you will learn to perform all of the functions yourself to maximize your ability to learn everything. And your instructor will be there to guide you all the way to success.

While the courses are largely self-directed, there is a suggested order for the learner to follow. However, the learner can set their own pace and allocate time as fits into their schedule. The only requirement is that the final project be completed on or before the deadline.

What learners are saying: 

"For me this online course was a lot more helpful than the in-person training class I took. The main difference was if I missed something I didn't have to hold up the entire class to figure it out. I could just click a minute back on the video. Also if I got (busy).... I could continue with my regular work and then go back to the video when I was free." 

"The whole time (while watching the videos) you didn't lose attention, you were doing something along the way." 

"Amazed to see how easy it is to use PI ProcessBook, it's not that difficult." 

The courses will have a duration of three (3) weeks. We suggest the following plan:

Within the first week

The learner has:

  • Consumed all of the video lectures in the series.
  • Established a presence in the community and has made some contribution to the course discussions.
  • Conceived of a final project.

By the end of the second week

The learner has:

  • Completed all of the self-paced exercises.
  • Communicated their final project to the instructor and received approval.
  • Possibly completed a first draft of the final project.

By the end of the third week (end of course)

The learner has:

  • Submitted all materials related to their final project to the instructor for evaluation.

Each learner will be required to use their own software (in case of system administration courses a virtual machine will be provided) and their own data structures. The main concept of these online course is to leave each learner with something immediately valuable in their enterprise.

Please refer to the specific course descriptions for additional requirements.

Please go to the Course Description page for a current list of available Small Private Online Courses. 

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