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August 28, 2017  - September 15, 2017
English Class
 241 seats left  
In the Creating Basic Reports with PI DataLink online course, you will learn how to use this tool to access your process data, create meaningful reports, and use them to make key decisions about your plant performance. PI DataLink is our add-in that allows users to access and deliver data to and from Microsoft Excel and create easy-to-read reports.

We will guide you on how to obtain current and archived values for a tag, as well as retrieve compressed and sampled data. Additionally, this course leverages the intuitive PI AF asset structures to enable you to retrieve key attributes of an asset, such as current, archived, compressed, and sampled values.

Please note that each learner is encouraged to use their own software and their own data structures. This allows each learner to leave the course with something immediately valuable in their enterprise.



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