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October 22, 2018  - November 09, 2018
English Class
 52 seats left  
In this online course, you will learn how to create, deploy, and manage your PI ACE calculations. Through online videos and hands-on exercises, you will be prepared to debug, test, register and schedule various calculations using PI ACE. You will learn how to configure and perform element relative PI ACE calculations leveraging the intuitive AF structure. Once the calculations are set up, you will then be able to reuse a calculation for similar AF assets and visualize the results in a single PI Processbook display. Additionally, the course covers architectural considerations for PI ACE, such as load balancing and high availability.

In the final project, you will develop your PI ACE calculations with your own data to produce meaningful results for your organization.


This course is for programmers and advanced PI System users who want to develop VB scripts with PI ACE that use PI System data as input and/or output or trigger.

If you are an engineer with a programming background and are interested in performing calculations against your PI System data or want to learn how to create element relative calculations based on AF data, then this course will be useful for you.


This course requires a grasp of programming (Visual Basic or C# recommended) and Visual Studio.

Software Requirements

Note: Individuals enrolled in this course will be required to use their own data structures. This allows each learner to immediately leave the course with something valuable to their enterprise. The requirements for completing the exercises and the final project are as follows:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (2010/2012) with all the PI ACE components installed
  •      PI ACE Scheduler
         PI ACE Wizard
         PI ACE Manager

  • PI System (running and collecting data with read and write access)
  •      PI Data Archive
         PI AF Server

    Optional (for load balanging/High Availability)
  • Another machine with PI ACE components installed
  •      PI ACE Scheduler
         PI ACE Manager



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