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April 08, 2019  - April 10, 2019
English Class
 6 seats left  

The Analyzing PI System Data course is data oriented concentrating on viewing the PI System data, combining PI System data with other data, and creating reports allowing the analysis of the data through Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This class will teach you about different clients and tools to view your PI Data. Learn how to import PI System Data through the PI Integrator for Business Analytics and PI OLEDB Enterprise, and merge it with external data to create easy-to-read reports, reduce reports associated with related data, and publishing reports allowing easy sharing and ensuring one version of the truth being the focal point. The class will cover aspects of the following tools; PI Integrator for Business Analytics, PI OLEDB Enterprise, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power BI. If you feel like writing business reports is too difficult, this may be the course for you. We will build upon your existing application knowledge with hands-on activities to help you slice and dice your business data.

The class is 3 days long. Class will start promptly at 8:30am (9:00am in Europe, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand) and is scheduled to end at 4:30pm with a one-hour lunch break. When making travel arrangement for the class, please plan to remain on site to the completion of the final exercise. This should be no later than 4:30 on the last day of the class.


Frankfurt, Germany (English)
Franklinstrasse 56
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 60486 Germany 


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