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August 12, 2019  - August 30, 2019
English Class
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Discover how easy it is to develop powerful AF SDK based applications in this online course. This is a unique opportunity to learn the basics of the programmatic access to the PI System using AF SDK. You will learn how to access and explore AF hierarchy to retrieve an asset’s current and historical data. Other topics cover how to search for and display notifications, how to consume real-time streaming events via a data pipe, as well as to write a custom data reference. We will also talk about how to choose the right approach to implement a custom data reference that suits your development scenario.

Through a series of online video and hands-on exercises, you will learn how AF SDK works on your own schedule. For the final project, you will create your own AF SDK application using your own PI System data.


This course is primarily suited for developers who have a basic understanding of the PI System, including Asset Framework (AF), Asset Analytics and Notifications.


This course requires a basic grasp of programming and Visual Studio.

Software Requirements

Note: Individuals enrolled in this course will be required to use their own data structures. This allows each learner to leave the course with something immediately valuable in their enterprise. The requirements for completing the exercises and the final project are as follows:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (2013 or later)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
  • PI System (running and collecting data with write access)
  •      PI Data Archive
         PI AF Server (2016 R2 or later for Notifications)



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