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July 29, 2019  - August 16, 2019
English Class
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This course is intended to prepare you to develop the best way for your organization to integrate the PI System into applications built for relational databases. Generic SQL knowledge will not be taught in this course. The course has multiple paths depending on which products you will use. To successfully complete the course, all students must complete the videos and exercises pertaining to PI SQL Client/RTQP. The additional optional exercises and videos are tagged with the query engine or endpoint that they pertain to. If these do not apply to your scenario, feel free to skip these sections.
  • OLEDB Provider - These sections are for those still using PI OLEDB Provider for the query engine, as opposed to the new RTQP Engine
  • OLEDB Enterprise - These sections are for those still using PI OLEDB Enterprise for the query engine, as opposed to the new RTQP Engine
  • ODBC - These sections are primarily for those using applications that require an ODBC connection to data sources
  • JDBC - These sections are primarily for those using Java and JDBC in their projects

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Select the optimal PI SQL product(s) and architecture for your environment
  • Set up a simple PI SQL framework architecture
  • Develop PI SQL queries against one or more of the query engines in the PI SQL Framework
  • Integrate PI SQL queries into third party SQL based applications such as Microsoft SQL Server Integration and Reporting Services


This course is primarily suited for the professional who develops applications that interact with the PI System in a relational database (SQL) manner. It is for someone who needs to understand the various product options for interacting with the PI System using SQL queries, develop SQL queries to run against these query engines, and integrate these queries into production applications.


  • Basic knowledge of the PI System (AF hierarchies, elements, attributes, templates, PI points, etc), and your own data and AF hierarchies.
  • This course will not cover basic SQL query writing.
    • This includes things such as SELECT, FROM, WHERE, INNER JOIN, CROSS APPLY
    • For PI OLEDB Provider Write queries, this includes INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
    • For assistance in this topic, we recommend a training site such as General SQL Training - w3schools

Software Requirements

Note:Learners are can use their own test PI System environment to complete the majority of the course. However, we do not recommend practising administrative tasks in a production environment. This course contains optional tracks. The software requirements for completing the exercises and the final project are as follows.

To successfully complete the course, the PI SQL Client/RTQP sections must be covered. Therefore, all students will need the following at a minimum:
  • Access to the following Install Kits: PI SQL Client 2018 (4.0.18208.1)
  • PI Data Archive
  • AF Server 2018 or later and have the PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) installed
  • For ODBC or JDBC use cases: PI SQL Client 2018 R2 (4.1.18355.1)
  • PI OLEDB Enterprise is currently required for the generation of sample NuGreen event frames. These event frames are used in the course for sample queries, but if you have your own event frames to query then PI OLEDB Enterprise is not required
Optionally, students may choose to perform either of the PI OLEDB Provider or PI OLEDB Enterprise exercises. For these, students will need the following:
  • Access to the following Install Kits: PI OLEDB Enterprise 2017 R2A (
  • For ODBC use cases: PI ODBC Driver 2016 R2 (3.2.16300.1), PI SQL Data Access Server (OLEDB) 2018 (1.6.18206.1)
  • For JDBC use cases: PI JDBC Driver 2018 (1.6.18206.1), PI SQL Data Access Server (OLEDB) 2018 (1.6.18206.1), Java Runtime Environment 8 or later

Don't have access to your own PI System?

If you don't have access to the software listed above, you can purchase the Exposing PI Data with the PI SQL Framework - Cloud Envrionment. This an isolated virtual environment, designed to enhance your learning experience with this course. You will receive access for 21 days since the first launch.

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