Cloud Environments Introduction

The Training Cloud Environments give you access to a working PI System on the Cloud. These are Virtual Machines hosted on Microsoft Azure datacenters. These environments are usually associated with one of our online courses or labs from the OSIsoft user conferences and they are meant to help you work on the course material hands on.

  • Each of the Training Cloud Environments has a different number of virtual machines and their duration will be different based on the course they are associated with.
  • At the end of your session duration all environments will be deleted. At that point you can launch a new session.
  • If you need to save your work, we recommend using a cloud storage or ftp solution to copy your files from your cloud environments.
  • The Cloud Environments consist of multiple Windows servers in a self-contained domain. There is a Domain Controller (PIDC), a PI Server (PISRV01), and, depending on the lab, there may be additional servers (i.e. PICLIENT01). The PISRV01, typically contains all of the server components and client tools required to complete your lab and you will be usually logging into this machine unless there is a dedicated client machine (PICLIENT01). The manual will typically tell you which machine you should be working on.
  • Very rarely you will have to login to the PIDC. Usually only to change passwords or create a new user in Active Directory.
  • Depending on what you want to do, you may have to connect to one or all of the machines.
  • You can connect via a browser or with RDP. To connect with RDP you will download a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection file that will allow you to connect to the machines.
  • In order to connect with RDP, you must have a RDP client tool and your network cannot block the domain or ports 60000-60050.
  • The browser connection is a good option when your company firewall does not allow you to connect to the environments.
  • The browser connection contains the credentials embedded as part of the URL.

You can login with the username pischool\student01, unless otherwise directed. The password will be emailed to you when you deploy an environment in a deployment completion notification email.

If you want to purchase a standalone Training Cloud Environment separately from our courses, you can register for a subscription. You can also find a list of the possible environments to deploy on the subscription links below:  

Training Cloud Environments One Month Access
Training Cloud Environments One Year Access