Cloud Environments Instructions

The information below will help you use the Cloud Environments. You can also click here to watch a quick demo.

  1. The next section contains two tabs: My Subscriptions and My Sessions.
  2. The My Subscriptions tab contains all the environments you have access to.
  3. The My Sessions tab contains environments that are currently running.
  4. To launch your environment find the desired environment on the My Sessions tab and click on Launch.
  5. You will have to select your time zone because the environments are shutdown at 7 pm every night at your local time to conserve energy and resources.
  6. The deployment process will take several minutes.
  7. When the environments have completed their deployment you will receive a notification email with the login credentials and the date when they will be deleted.
  8. Additionally, the My Session page will also include the expiration or deletion date of your environments.
  9. You can also click on "Download Connection" on the My Session page to download a file that includes the password.
  10. After receiving the confirmation email, you can now login with username pischool\student01 and the password provided unless directed otherwise.
  11. You can login by clicking on "Connect via RDP" which downloads an rdp connection file.
  12. Or you can login by clicking on "Connect via Browser". This connection does not require a login as the URL already includes the credentials.
  13. If the environments get shutdown at night, you can start the environments anytime.
  14. At a minimum, you will have to start the environments at the start of the day before you login.
  15. Start your environments by clicking on "Start All".
  16. If you find yourself not being able to connect to your environments, they are most likely shutdown. Click on "Start all".
  17. You can find assistance on the PISquare community if you experience any connection issues.