Which to choose? On-demand vs. Instructor-led Courses

OSIsoft Learning enables you to learn the PI System on your terms.

We offer on-demand courses, which are always available online and are self-paced meaning you can register and start learning when you are ready to dive in. We also offer instructor-led courses which are facilitated by an OSIsoft engineer and are offered in accordance with our course calendar. The table below shows the comparison between the on-demand and instructor-led courses.



Instructor-Led (Including Virtual Live Classroom)



Check the course calendar for dates


via OSIsoft Community

Dedicated Instructor

Length of course

As long as needed

(typically 3-8 hours of activity)

3-4 days (course dependent)



Virtual and in training centers around the world

Completion certificate

Training Cloud Environment

















*Note: Training Cloud Environments provided in On-Demand courses will be deleted 30 days after enrollment.