Accounting and Billing

Accounting and Billing

What information do I use to create my Purchase Order/Check for my class?

If you are generating a Purchase Order to pay for an OSIsoft Course, we do not need a copy of the purchase order. OSIsoft does not require a PO for training. We are not accepting any Terms other than those provided in our Terms of Service. If you provide a PO number, references to such PO number may be printed on our acceptance, sales, and invoice documents and are for your reference only.

If you are generating a Purchase Order or Check to pay for an OSIsoft Course, please make sure you use the correct entity for remittance purposes.

  • OSIsoft, LLC can only accept payment for classes in the United States and virtual classes (Online Courses or Training Cloud Environment).
  • OSIsoft Canada ULC can only accept payment for classes in Canada.
  • OSIsoft Europe GmbH can only accept payments for classes in Germany.

Remember, sending in a PO does not complete the registration process. Each student must go to the website and register!

Corporate Address
1600 Alvarado Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
FEIN 94-269-0532

Checks - USA & CANADA
P.O. Box 398687
San Francisco, CA 94139-8687

I need to do a wire transfer. What is the required transfer information?

Please follow the instructions below for wire transfers. Instructions are listed based on the location to which you are sending money.

You must include all invoice numbers to ensure proper credit.

All payments made to OSisoft LLC in the United States should follow these instructions:

Wells Fargo Bank, NA
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104, U.S.A
ABA 121000248
Account Name: OSIsoft LLC
Account No. 4945749208 (Checking)

All payments made to OSIsoft Canada should follow these instructions:

Bank of Montreal 
OSIsoft Canada ULC
13 000 east Sherbrooke #102 
Montreal QC
H1A 3W2
Branch# 02691 
Bank# 001 
Account# 1026224 
Swift: BOFMCAM2 
Currency: $CAD

All payments made to OSIsoft Europe GmbH should follow these instructions:

Deutsche Bank AG Friedberg 
Kaiserstr. 107 
61169 Friedberg 
BLZ 500 700 24 
Konto-Nr. 7790793 00 
IBAN: DE13 5007 0024 0779 0793 00 
Currency EUR (€)

All payments made to OSIsoft Mexico should follow these instructions:

Payment in MXN - 
Account: 4032073959 
CLABE: 021180040320739596

Payment in USD - 
Account: 7002502193 
CLABE: 021180070025021935

All payments made to OSIsoft Brazil should follow these instructions:

Intermediary Bank: Citibank NA
Intermediary Bank Swift Code: CITIUS33
ABA Code: 021000089
Beneficiary Bank: Banco Citibank S/A Brasil
Beneficiary Swift Code: CITIBRBR
Beneficiary: OSIsoft do Brasil Sistemas Ltda.
Beneficairy Bank Account #: 17141885

When will I be invoiced for my class?

You may be invoiced at any time between registration and the end of the course. If you would like to request immediate invoicing or other documentation, please contact

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

OSIsoft will refund tuition to a student who cancels at least two weeks before the date of the class. A $500 USD cancellation fee (or equivalent in other currencies) will be invoiced to the customer if a student cancels within 2 weeks of the date of the class. If a student registers for a class and fails to attend, the customer will be invoiced for the full tuition.

I don't see the secure lock icon in my browser where I enter my credit card number. Do you use encryption or secure connections?

Please be assured that your information is properly encrypted using the secure sockets layer of your browser.

If I don't have a purchase order yet, can I still register for a class?

Yes. Register normally and enter "tbd" in the purchase order field. Then send an email to letting us know when you will be getting that number or if you have the number.

If I am paying for my class with a company check, when is the check due?

On or before the start date of your class. You can bring it to theclass and give it to the instructor.

I am an Enterprise customer. How do I use my training vouchers?

Enterprise Managed PI customers may have available training vouchers to use for their tuition. Please contact your organization's OSIsoft PI System contact, OSIsoft Enterprise Agreement Manager (EAM), or OSIsoft Enterprise Project Manager (EPM) to get your Special Programs Code to use when registering.

If I am paying for my class with a credit card, when will my card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time of registration. If you have any questions about credit card billing please contact This only applies to credit card transactions.

I did the currency conversion and it looks like the same classes have different prices based upon their country. Why are the prices different for the same class?

The base prices for our courses is virtually the same across countries, with slight variations due to fluctuating exchange rates. We do not price them differently. However, certain locations and/or countries have taxes that only apply to those locations. For example, in Canada we must collect the GST or in Germany VAT and for this reason it appears the course costs more. We review our courses each year in light of fluctuating exchange rates and adjust accordingly.