YouTube Learning Channel

YouTube Learning Channel

What is the YouTube Learning Channel?

The OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel is a convenient way to learn about the PI System anytime, anywhere. Here you can check out videos to learn what our products are, how to install and configure them, and of course how to use them! We have a variety of content that captures step-by-step how to do basic tasks and even advanced ones. Each of our videos is focused on a specific learning objective, and our playlists group similar videos to make it easy to learn more on the same topics and products. If you subscribe to the channel you can even receive notifications when we release new videos so you can stay current on everything the PI System offers! Visit this page to access our channel:

How can I get notified when new videos are released?

You can receive notifications when we release new videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel with a google account and also click the bell icon to get notified. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with your PI System knowledge. Choose “Send me all notifications for this Channel” when managing your subscription if you want to receive notifications for all new videos instead of just occasional messages.

How can I avoid blurry videos and watch in HD?

For years, we have recorded and produced high definition videos for our YouTube Channel. If a video looks blurry, make sure to change the video settings to watch in HD (720p). YouTube automatically adjusts the quality of your video stream based on the speed of your Internet connection (bandwidth) so you might not be viewing the video as clearly as possible. 

How can I get closed-captioning, language translation, or adjust video speed?

Within the YouTube player, you can turn on subtitles/CC, use language auto-translation, and even adjust the playback speed of our YouTube videos. This is simply done through the CC option and changing the settings. The channel trailer above shows how this can be done.

What if my company blocks YouTube?

Each Online Course that contains YouTube videos has an option to download the associated mp4 files. Additionally, we have an area of the learning website that has most of our YouTube channel videos available for download here. Alternatively, navigate to "All Content" and find: Video Links for Blocked/Offline YouTube Access.