Learning Policies

Learning Policies

Record Keeping

The OSIsoft IACET Review Team maintains a record of each individual's participation in continuing education activities for which CEUs are awarded.  Only those successfully meeting the established requirements for an activity are awarded CEUs.

Record Collection

OSIsoft maintains a record of each student that enrolls in one of our courses or learning services through the online registration system. OSIsoft maintains the permanent record of CEUs earned for each learner who successfully completes a learning event, including course title, date, and number of CEUs assigned. These records are backed up regularly and stored in a secure database.

Record Retention

It is the policy of OSIsoft to maintain and retain a complete and permanent record of each learner’s participation in approved courses/programs for a period of seven (7) years and are available upon the request of the learner.

Record Access Control

All OSIsoft learners have the right to review their educational records.  A history of learning events can be viewed online at learning.osisoft.com by logging in with the learner’s SSO account credentials used to register for the course.  Transcripts can be requested via email by sending a request to learning@osisoft.com. There are no fees for obtaining transcripts. 

No one outside of OSIsoft or the learner’s Organization may obtain transcripts or registration information without the written authorization of the learner.

Instructor Compensation

OSIsoft does not allow its instructors to have any proprietary interest in products, instruments, devices, or services outside of OSIsoft products and services. All instructors are salaried OSIsoft employees, and gain no compensation from the sale of any product or service.