Administrator Learning Path

Go beyond PI administration by learning how to keep data flowing and support your users by taking full advantage of the Data Archive, Points, and PI Interfaces.

Configuring a Simple PI System
Learn how to configure and manage PI Points, PI Data Archive, buffering and PI Interfaces
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Implementing PI System High Availability
Learn how to plan and implement a highly available PI System.
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Configuring PI Data Archive Security
Learn how PI Identities and PI AF Identities are mapped to applications and active directory accounts and how custom permissions are configured for each of these identities
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Time-saving Tips for Deploying and Expanding AF
Learn different approaches to build the enterprise wide AF structure from scratch.
Managing Time Series Data Quality for Business Data Owners and PI Administrators
This lab outlines the basic categorization of data quality; various methods to measure and monitor your data quality; and the organization framework required to institutionalize data governance.