Frequently Asked Questions

Instructor led Classes and Scheduling

When does class start? How long is the class day?

All OSIsoft classes begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. in the local time zone. Although some days may finish earlier, expect the day of learning to end around 4:30 p.m. The actual length of the class is more determined by the class participation. If there is a lot of interaction and discussion, the class may run longer.

Special Note: In the Frankfurt office the start time on the first day is always 9:00 a.m. The remaining days are the normal 8:30 am. The class will take short breaks throughout the day and a one hour break each day for lunch.

When does class end on the last day? What if I have to leave early?

Most of the OSIsoft courses have a small period of time designed into the end of the last day to reinforce the week's learning and to allow students to solidify their understanding of the material. Many customers report this as some of the most valuable time spent in class. We do not recommend an early departure.

What do I need to bring to class?

We provide everything you will need for the instruction - a capable computer, instruction materials, even supplies for note-taking and some snacks. Our learning centers and most regional learning sites also have student computers with internet capability so that you can check your web-based e-mail from the classroom. You may bring your notebook computer and/or cellular phone, but please do not distract others with your computer and please do not talk on the mobile phone in the classroom. At OSIsoft and in our classes you will be comfortable in the most casual office/business clothing. Jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts are fine.

The class I want to register for is not on the schedule anymore. What happened?

The class is full or it was cancelled. Classes are most often cancelled due to low enrollment. Classes are evaluated a little more than two weeks before the start date to see if the enrollment is at the required level.

How do I know if I have been successfully registered in the class I want to attend?

Upon completion of the registration or cancellation process you should receive an e-mail notification from us. If you have not received a notification e-mail, contact immediately. You may have to ask your IT department not to block e-mails from our domain.

I sent in a Purchase Order (PO) for a course. Am I registered?

No, you are not. Each person who wants to take the course must register on the web site. Sending in the PO will not register a person for a seat in the class.

How do OSIsoft classes qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

College and recognized "continuing education" courses virtually always qualify. Correspondence, televised, videotaped, or web-delivered courses may qualify. Attending (or presenting) professional seminars or workshops, or making presentations at professional or technical conferences may also qualify. OSIsoft learning is not an accredited program. Therefore, classroom instruction may or may not apply to a person’s Continuing Education Credit requirement. Please consult your licensing entity to determine whether OSIsoft classroom instruction qualifies for Continuing Education Credits.

Each class description page contains the entry, "This class provides xx classroom hours of instruction." We use 6.5 hours per day of instruction.

OSIsoft Learning Group is preparing documentation to obtain IACET accreditation to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Upon successful completion of IACET assessment, the course description will be updated with CEUs instead of classroom instruction hours.

Software and Materials

Where can I download the books and files used in the classroom?

All of the manuals used in class are made available at You will find each manual on the description page of each course, usually via a download link at the bottom of the page. Customers are free to use these documents to refresh their own memory or to train other individuals in their organization. Persons using our learning materials are prohibited from charging a fee (beyond printing and distribution costs) for any documents downloaded from our web site.

Can we use OSIsoft Learning Materials in our own plant?

OSIsoft encourages customers and partners to provide as much learning as they can to PI users. This can mean sending people to OSIsoft Learning Centers or providing courses in-house. If a customer is providing courses in-house, we encourage them to use OSIsoft materials. The learning materials can be rebranded, cut, reorganized, or whatever it takes to make the materials most usable for the customer. The only prohibition we attach to using our materials is they not be resold (excluding printing costs).

Travel Issues

What type of Visa do I need to come to a class in the United States?

In order to attend a training class in the United States you will need a Business Visitor Visa (B-1). More information is provided at this link:

What if I need an invitation letter for my Visa?

Please register for your class, and use the Registration Confirmation that you get as an invitation letter. The Registration Confirmation will include the information you need for a visa - this includes but not limited to name, address, and the date and name of the course(s).

When can I make travel arrangements?

Courses that do not make the threshold for enrollment have the possibility of being cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel a course up to 14 days before the start date of that course. We recommend that customers do not make non-refundable travel arrangements before that time for classes that have not met the enrollment threshold. If you have a question about whether the threshold has been met, please contact

Where can I find training center information?

The following links will provide you with training center information, including addresses, nearby hotels, etc.
San Leandro, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Houston, TX
Frankfurt, Germany

Online Courses

Where can I find what Online Courses are available?

You can navigate to > Select All Content > Select the Online filter under Content Type. You will see a list of all Online Courses and you can also filter by language for localized Online Courses.

How long do I have to complete the Online Course?

When you register for an Online Course you will have 30 days to complete the material, which only amounts to between 8 to 16 hours of work.

What if I cannot complete the material before the Online Course deadline?

If you cannot complete the Online Course material before the deadline, you can purchase the Online Course again, which will give you access for another 30 days to complete the material.

Where can I get help if I have any questions?

All help, support and answers to your Online Course questions is done via the OSIsoft community, Each course has a dedicated discussion board to get answers to your questions and find all the support you need.

Where can I complete the exercises included in the Online Course?

The Online Courses are designed so you can work on your own PI System. However, every Online Course includes a Cloud Environment for those that do not have access to a PI System.

Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of the course?

Yes, all our Online Courses provide a certificate of completion to those that complete all the course material.

What if I have to cancel my course?

Once your register for the course, you will have 24 hours to cancel your course and request a refund. There are no refunds after 24 hours.

Can I reschedule my course?

You are not able to reschedule your Online Course but you do have 24 hours to cancel the course and request a refund for any reason.

Does my Online Course have a facilitator?

Online Courses no longer have live facilitators, instead you can get all help, support and answers to your question on the OSIsoft community,

Do I need to submit a final project or any assignments for review?

Online Courses no longer require the submission of a final project or any other assignments. All work is done and graded on the OSIsoft learning website.

Accounting Billing

What information do I use to create my Purchase Order/Check for my class?

If you are generating a Purchase Order to pay for an OSIsoft Course, we do not need a copy of the purchase order. OSIsoft does not require a PO for training. We are not accepting any Terms other than those provided in our Terms of Service. If you provide a PO number, references to such PO number may be printed on our acceptance, sales, and invoice documents and are for your reference only.

If you are generating a Purchase Order or Check to pay for an OSIsoft Course, please make sure you use the correct entity for remittance purposes.

  • OSIsoft, LLC can only accept payment for classes in the United States and virtual classes (Online Courses or Training Cloud Environment).
  • OSIsoft Canada ULC can only accept payment for classes in Canada.
  • OSIsoft Europe GmbH can only accept payments for classes in Germany.

Remember, sending in a PO does not complete the registration process. Each student must go to the website and register!

Corporate Address
1600 Alvarado Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
FEIN 94-269-0532

Checks - USA & CANADA
P.O. Box 398687
San Francisco, CA 94139-8687

I need to do a wire transfer. What is the required transfer information?

Please follow the instructions below for wire transfers. Instructions are listed based on the location to which you are sending money.

You must include all invoice numbers to ensure proper credit.

All payments made to OSisoft LLC in the United States should follow these instructions:

Wells Fargo Bank, NA
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104, U.S.A
ABA 121000248
Account Name: OSIsoft LLC
Account No. 4945749208 (Checking)

All payments made to OSIsoft Canada should follow these instructions:

Bank of Montreal
OSIsoft Canada ULC
13 000 east Sherbrooke #102
Montreal QC
H1A 3W2
Branch# 02691
Bank# 001
Account# 1026224
Currency: $CAD

All payments made to OSIsoft Europe GmbH should follow these instructions:

Deutsche Bank AG Friedberg
Kaiserstr. 107
61169 Friedberg
BLZ 500 700 24
Konto-Nr. 7790793 00
IBAN: DE13 5007 0024 0779 0793 00
Currency EUR (€)

All payments made to OSIsoft Mexico should follow these instructions:

Payment in MXN -
Account: 4032073959
CLABE: 021180040320739596

Payment in USD -
Account: 7002502193
CLABE: 021180070025021935

All payments made to OSIsoft Brazil should follow these instructions:

Intermediary Bank: Citibank NA
Intermediary Bank Swift Code: CITIUS33
ABA Code: 021000089
Beneficiary Bank: Banco Citibank S/A Brasil
Beneficiary Swift Code: CITIBRBR
Beneficiary: OSIsoft do Brasil Sistemas Ltda.
Beneficairy Bank Account #: 17141885

When will I be invoiced for my class?

You may be invoiced at any time between registration and the end of the course. If you would like to request immediate invoicing or other documentation, please contact

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

OSIsoft will refund tuition to a student who cancels at least two weeks before the date of the class. A $500 USD cancellation fee (or equivalent in other currencies) will be invoiced to the customer if a student cancels within 2 weeks of the date of the class. If a student registers for a class and fails to attend, the customer will be invoiced for the full tuition.

I don't see the secure lock icon in my browser where I enter my credit card number. Do you use encryption or secure connections?

Please be assured that your information is properly encrypted using the secure sockets layer of your browser.

If I don't have a purchase order yet, can I still register for a class?

Yes. Register normally and enter "tbd" in the purchase order field. Then send an email to letting us know when you will be getting that number or if you have the number.

If I am paying for my class with a company check, when is the check due?

On or before the start date of your class. You can bring it to theclass and give it to the instructor.

I am an Enterprise customer. How do I use my training vouchers?

Enterprise Managed PI customers may have available training vouchers to use for their tuition. Please contact your organization's OSIsoft PI System contact, OSIsoft Enterprise Agreement Manager (EAM), or OSIsoft Enterprise Project Manager (EPM) to get your Special Programs Code to use when registering.

If I am paying for my class with a credit card, when will my card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time of registration. If you have any questions about credit card billing please contact This only applies to credit card transactions.

I did the currency conversion and it looks like the same classes have different prices based upon their country. Why are the prices different for the same class?

The base prices for our courses is virtually the same across countries, with slight variations due to fluctuating exchange rates. We do not price them differently. However, certain locations and/or countries have taxes that only apply to those locations. For example, in Canada we must collect the GST or in Germany VAT and for this reason it appears the course costs more. We review our courses each year in light of fluctuating exchange rates and adjust accordingly.

Training Cloud Environments

What are the Training Cloud Environments?

The Training Cloud Environments give you access to a working PI System on the Cloud. They are hosted on Microsoft Azure virtual machines. These environments are usually associated with one of our online courses and they are meant to help you work on the course material hands on. Each of the Training Cloud Environments has a different number of virtual machines and their duration will be different based on the online course they are associated with.

How do I purchase access to the Training Cloud Environments?

The Training Cloud Environments are usually associated with one of our online courses and they are meant to help you work on the course material hands on. You can also purchase access for one month or one year to the Training Cloud Environments here:
Training Cloud Environments One Month Access
Training Cloud Environments One Year Access

What are the system requirements?

The Training Cloud Environments are composed of virtual machines hosted on Microsoft Azure that you can access remotely. There are two ways of connecting:

Option 1 Preferred way: Connect via Browser

Test your connection at You only require a modern web browser and regular internet access. The browser must:

  • Be of a minimum version of Chrome 16, Firefox 11, IE 11, Edge 12, or Safari 5.0
  • Have the ability to make HTTP and WebSocket connections to * from your local network
  • Have the ability to run JavaScript downloaded from the above domains
  • Have a network connection of at least a constant 128kbps

Option 2: Connect via RDP

  • A network connection with 1 Mbps of bandwidth available per user
  • A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client
  • The virtual machines IPs are assigned by Microsoft Azure from a very large range of IPs. You can download the range of Microsoft Azure IPs, the cloud environments use the range found in the region uswest found in the XML file that you can download here.
  • Access to the domain where the machines are hosted. A typical connection string has the form, where vledns100 is the number of the virtual machine and will change from machine to machine, westus is the location of the machine and 60000 is a port in the range 60000-60050. Therefore users connecting to Azure virtual machines must be allowed to connect to the domain * throughout the port range 60000-60050. If you cannot connect, check your company firewall policies and ensure that you can connect to this domain on the required ports.

You can test your connection by downloading one of the following zip files and following the instructions in the readme file contained in them.

Can I move my personal development and learning files from and to the Training Cloud Environments?

Yes, you can move your personal files.  The Cloud Environments have internet access and you can move files via ftp, webmail or some other cloud based solution.

How long will my session last?

Each session has a different duration time. The Training Cloud Environments associated with Hands on Labs will run for a day while environments associated with other online courses may run for up to three weeks.

I closed the window by mistake, what can I do?

If you close your window by mistake your session will continue running, you can simply connect again.

YouTube Learning Channel

What is the YouTube Learning Channel?

The OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel is a convenient way to learn about the PI System anytime, anywhere. Here you can check out videos to learn what our products are, how to install and configure them, and of course how to use them! We have a variety of content that captures step-by-step how to do basic tasks and even advanced ones. Each of our videos is focused on a specific learning objective, and our playlists group similar videos to make it easy to learn more on the same topics and products. If you subscribe to the channel you can even receive notifications when we release new videos so you can stay current on everything the PI System offers! Visit this page to access our channel:

How can I get notified when new videos are released?

You can receive notifications when we release new videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel with a google account. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with your PI System knowledge. Choose “Send me all notifications for this Channel” when managing your subscription if you want to receive notifications for all new videos instead of just occasional messages.
Visit this page for steps on subscribing and managing your subscription options:

How can I avoid blurry videos and watch in HD?

For years, we have recorded and produced high definition videos for our YouTube Channel. If a video looks blurry, make sure to change the video settings to watch in HD (720p). YouTube automatically adjusts the quality of your video stream based on the speed of your Internet connection (bandwidth) so you might not be viewing the video as clearly as possible.
Visit this page for details on how to switch your video settings to HD:

How can I get close-captioning, language translation, or adjust video speed?

Within the YouTube player, you can turn on subtitles/CC, use language auto-translation, and even adjust the playback speed of our YouTube videos. This is simply done through the CC option and changing the settings. Visit this page for more details:

What if my company blocks YouTube?

We are working on adding this functionality to our platform. In the meantime, please contact to discuss possible solutions.

Learning Policies

Record Keeping

The OSIsoft IACET Review Team maintains a record of each individual's participation in continuing education activities for which CEUs are awarded.  Only those successfully meeting the established requirements for an activity are awarded CEUs.

Record Collection

OSIsoft maintains a record of each student that enrolls in one of our courses or learning services through the online registration system. OSIsoft maintains the permanent record of CEUs earned for each learner who successfully completes a learning event, including course title, date, and number of CEUs assigned. These records are backed up regularly and stored in a secure database.

Record Retention

It is the policy of OSIsoft to maintain and retain a complete and permanent record of each learner’s participation in approved courses/programs for a period of seven (7) years and are available upon the request of the learner.

Record Access Control

All OSIsoft learners have the right to review their educational records.  A history of learning events can be viewed online at by logging in with the learner’s SSO account credentials used to register for the course.  Transcripts can be requested via email by sending a request to There are no fees for obtaining transcripts. 

No one outside of OSIsoft or the learner’s Organization may obtain transcripts or registration information without the written authorization of the learner.

Instructor Compensation

OSIsoft does not allow its instructors to have any proprietary interest in products, instruments, devices, or services outside of OSIsoft products and services. All instructors are salaried OSIsoft employees, and gain no compensation from the sale of any product or service.