Power User Learning Path

As a Power User, you may want to learn how to set up or expand Asset Framework (AF) at your company to build a foundation for your end users. Learn about the power of AF and its suite of add-ons including analytics, event frames, and notifications.

Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF
Learn the skills needed to successfully model your processes and equipment using the Asset Framework (AF) Server.
Configuring Analytics with PI AF
Learn how to create different types of asset analytics to gain more insight into your operational data.
Virtualzh-languageOnlineAF/Analyticsen-languagefr-languagede-languagees-languagept-languageko-languageja-languageru-languageConfiguring Analytics with PI AFEnglish
Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
Learn how to use various components of the PI System to enable a successful Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) implementation
Virtualzh-languageOnlineAF/AnalyticsVisualizationen-languagefr-languagede-languagees-languagept-languageko-languageja-languageru-languageEnabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)English
Time-saving Tips for Deploying and Expanding AF
Learn different approaches to build the enterprise wide AF structure from scratch.
Exploring AF Analytics for Advanced Analysis and Prediction
In this lab, we’ll complete three exercises demonstrating how AF Analytics can serve as an advanced analytics workbench
Managing Time Series Data Quality for Business Data Owners and PI Administrators
This lab outlines the basic categorization of data quality; various methods to measure and monitor your data quality; and the organization framework required to institutionalize data governance.